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N.W.A vs Edgar Allan Poe

What do a gangsta rap group from the 1990’s and a melancholy poet from the 1840’s have in common? Listen here to find out. In addition to writing poems and novels Poe also performed his works of poetry and some of his criticisms.

Katy Perry vs Edgar Allan Poe

One is a pop princess and the other a master of macabre. What could Edgar Allan Poe and Katy Perry possibly have in common?  Listen to find out.

Features of The Poe Museum Starting with The Old Stone House

  Click here to listen to Nate and his second Podcast. The topics include Unhappy Hour, Tours, and information on the Old Stone House.

Poe Museum Debuts Podcast with Nate The Great

  This is the first podcast from The Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond. This weeks topics include information on “The Gold Bug”, “The Oblong Box”, and information on Richard Kopley. Also included is a preview for the Unhappy Hour we are having next Thursday from 6:00-9:00. Press Play to hear.   Catch next weeks…

Charles Cantalupo Reads From Poe In Place

Charles Cantalupo (born on October 17, 1951) is a poet and Professor of English at Penn State. After earning his PHD at Rutgers in 1980, he began his career as a teaching assistant. Cantalupo’s most recent publication is Poetry, Mysticism, and Feminism from the Nave to th’ Chops: An Interview with Barbara Mor. On June…

Tee Jay Johnson At Unhappy Hour

Tee Jay Johnson is an up an coming singer from Richmond, VA, who came to The Poe Museum for the Unhappy Hour on May 28, 2015. Johnson defines herself as a lyricist not a rapper, who has began her career in Richmond. Unlike many of  today’s rappers she writes her own songs. See below to…