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Flash Poetry Contest Winner

“Satis House” – Launce Reed Barber

Possessor possessed by that in which he names

Craving for all the treasures lonely

Hoarding wares to fill his house

Becoming more a coffin than a home

The architect builds walls to hang his many mirrors

Reflections to remind and extend

To some endless imperfections end

Thank the creators for truth without light

In the darkest hallows of the moonless night

There is no room to lie in this shallow depth of field

A fatal geometry finally sealed

Launce Reed Barber

Launce Reed Barber is an entrepreneur, product designer, award winning inventor, and writer, holding over 15 US Patents. Over twenty of Launce’s products have been released in marketplaces today. He received a degree in Business Administration from James Madison University, and has continued advanced studies in science and technology. Currently, Launce is the the founder and owner of Elemental Tools, LLC a product design and intellectual property consultancy. Launce highly values all creative endeavors that allow individuals to express themselves and at the same time challenge the status quo.

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