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It was a dark and stormy night …

Our first Unhappy Hour of the season took place on April the 28th.
Since April marked the 170th anniversary of the publication of the first modern detective story, Poe’s “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”, we had a murder mystery of our own that Unhappy Hour participants could help to solve.

The suspects included characters from various Poe tales that had been brought together so that their creator could announce which of them was to have further adventures in a “new” tale from the esteemed Mr. Poe. This seems to have provided some motivation for the characters in question to want to bump off the competition.

Rogue's Gallery

Our rogue’s gallery gathered around the bust of Poe in the Poe Shrine (from left to right, you can see Fortunato, Marie Roget, Madeline Usher, Eddy, Berenice, C. Auguste Dupin and Jupiter)

There are lots more photos of the proceedings to be found here:
If anyone else took photos that they’d like to share, you can post them yourself on the Poe Museum’s flickr group or you can email them to us at We love visitor photos!

Appropriately enough, the mayhem of the evening opened with a crack of thunder and an impressive thunderstorm that only lasted for a little while but frightened away a few of our less intrepid Unhappy Hour participants. Thankfully, the majority of our guests proved to be hardy souls who wanted to stick it out and find out who was responsible for the nefarious crime.

We were even rewarded with a lovely rainbow just after the storm passed over!

Music was provided by the fabulous Jack Winn Duo.

As always, there were free nibbles and a cash bar.

And a good time was had by all!
Thanks to all who came out and stuck with us … we hope to see you again at future museum events!

We hope to see you again for our next Unhappy Hour, which will be taking place on Thursday, May 26th – we will be celebrating Poe’s Mother’s Day with a visit from the late Eliza Poe herself. It will be an unforgettable evening, so mark your calendar!